5. Kids Play Equipments & Toys for Hire

Do you have a Home party, Birthday party or School function, contact Seeta Forest Kindergarten to hire:-

1. Bouncing Castles
2. Quard Bikes
3. Kidís Bicycles
4. Kidís Trolleys
5. Fascinating Costumes
6. Dolls
7. Teddy Bears
8. Kidís Penthouses and many other toys

For Schools and Outdoor parties, we can bring recreation services to your premises, Our kid's recreational package will include;

1. 5 Quad Bikes
2. 10 Tricycles
3. 50 Medium sized bicycles
4. 2 Jumping Castles
5. 10 Big sized bicycles
6. 20 Baby bicycles

This very big package will light up the whole function since its carefully design to provide multiple interest attraction to children This package is priced at UGX2,000,000 ( Two million shillings)

For visiting children to out Kidís Sanctuary, They will be treated to even more kidís equipment than those mention above plus more recreation facilities below:

1. Two swimming pools
2. A one acre garden of well tendered flowers, lawn, fruit trees and water springs and streams. The gardens are already fitted with seats and swings that can accommodate up to 50 kids at any given time. This garden doubles as a riding range for quad bikes
3. A sand play ground
4. Sliding tunnel
5. Jungle gym
6. Tarzan ladder
7. 8 Swings
8. 8 Horizontal swings
9. 4 Cage swings
10. 2 seesaws
11. 2 Jumping trampolines
12. A tarmacked racing track that can hold upto 50 quad bike riders at a go.

Cost: To access all these facilities, each child will pay a fee of UGX 5000, please note that Seeta Forest Kindergarten Pupils access all these services for FREE

In totality, The Seeta Forest Facility can comfortably hold a total of 400 children at any given time with every kid engaged in an activity. The facility is manned by adequate Wardens, Children handlers and Trainers to give your kids a wonderful and safe experience.

Please view Gallery, facebook and Youtube for more graphic details...

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Targeted Group

Our immediate targeted group at seeta forest kindergarten are:
6months- 3 years
Day care & night care
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